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The EP!Casso Program supports the exploration of art through regularly scheduled art classes and lessons. Participants create paintings, pottery, masks, decorative pieces, and more with the support and guidance of art specialists.

Art therapy also provides many benefits for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It can be a new avenue of expression for those with verbal impairments, develop cognitive skills, enhance self-esteem and self-awareness, improve fine motor skills, and express emotion healthily.

In addition to the educational and therapeutic benefits art offers individuals at EP!C, EP!Casso has also collaborated with a number of local art studios that feature artwork by individuals from EP!C, showcasing the creativity and skill of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at EP!C.

EP!Casso is now going to be offering art classes here on site for high school students.  Interested in learning more?  See our flyer below! Ready to register? Download our registration form here!

High School Art Classes

For more information about the EP!Casso program and our current pieces available, please contact Lauren Coyle, Director of Educational Services, at (309) 689-3607 or lcoyle@epicpeoria.org.